Wang Ju played Beijing Women’s Book and walked barefoot for 4 hours due to lack of shooting experience

Wang Ju played “Beijing Women’s Book” and walked barefoot for 4 hours due to lack of shooting experience
On December 17th, the first work of the first season of the quarterly film “Beijing Women’s Pictorial” “Queen of Assistants” was exhibited at the Antique Antiques Exchange in Beijing.To share the behind-the-scenes story with the audience.In 2018, Wang Ju was recognized by the audience for participating in the variety show “Creation 101″.”Queen of the Assistant” is the first film work starring her, and she is also the first actor in the film.In the film, she plays Chen Xiangmei, an ordinary girl who came to Beijing from a small town and struggled. She has become a gold agent with her own efforts.The director said that there are many similarities between Wang Ju and the character’s pre-history. She didn’t wear makeup and she was completely two people. She completed the advancement of a woman in the film and was very dedicated.In one scene, she walked barefoot for 4 hours in order to find the character.However, Wang Ju, who has an upright personality, said that he could not talk about dedication, mainly because he lacked shooting experience and did not understand mid-range and close-up shots.I did n’t bring my phone with me, so I walked barefoot all the time and did n’t know the time. “It is reported that this series of seasonal broadcast movies is adapted from the novel of the same name by the well-known young writer Wang Xin. The first and first work “Assistant Queen” has been scheduled to be released exclusively on Youku on December 19.The second work, “Broken Love Live”, starring Deng Jiajia, is expected to air in January 2020.In addition, “Goodbye Love” starring Pei Bei and “Cosmetic Master” starring Dong Xuan will also meet with the audience in 2020.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofreading Lu Qian