Some kind of diet can deal with aunt liver

Some kind of diet can deal with aunt liver

Traditional Chinese medicine classifies auntie livers as “accumulating syndromes”, “manchu”, “phlegm”, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the aunt liver is caused by the thick flavor of the beam, the diet is not good, and the internal injuries are caused by spleen loss and healthy movement, liver disorders, chronic illness, physical weakness, phlegm and blood stasis, liver qi stagnation, and spleen loss of healthy movement.The phlegm is wet, the liver is biliary and the disease is caused.

Foods my aunt chooses sorghum rice, oats, barley, corn, millet, barley, barley, buckwheat, barley, soybeans, red beans, mung beans, bean sprouts, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, hawthorn, orange, black plum, apple, Watermelon, garlic, onion, taro, konjac, pumpkin, potato, cabbage, mushroom, chard, pakchoi, chrysanthemum, horticulture, white radish, gourd, black fungus, white fungus, catfish, band fish, herring, mandarin fish, squidFish, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, celery, water spinach, lettuce, green bean sprouts, asparagus, winter melon, loofah, coriander, bamboo shoots, cucumber, vegetable, bitter gourd, sea cucumber, kelp, laver, seaweed, puer tea, green tea, oolong tea, bird’s nestVinegar, fish oil.

Aunt liver diet therapy side 1.

Spinal Kelp Soup 250 g of animal spine and 150 g of kelp, with the right amount of seasoning.

Wash and steam the kelp, stew the animal’s spine, remove the foam after taking it, take the kelp, simmer it with seasoning, and eat the kelp soup.


60 grams of lotus leaf porridge, 50 grams of barley rice, 100 grams of millet.

A total of porridge to eat.


Cucumber stir-fried with 300 grams of cucumber, water-fried black fungus 60 grams, oil, salt, green onion, ginger, stir-fried, eat with a meal.


Douya fried bitter gourd 50 grams, bitter gourd 300 grams, seasonings, stir-fry.


300 grams of garlic, cucumber, cucumber, garlic, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, cold and eat.