Promote sexual life, eat these 8 kinds of nutritional foods

Promote sexual life, eat these 8 kinds of nutritional foods

1, milk gold breakfast-to make your body more plentiful and perfect sex requires sufficient physical strength.

Of the three meals a day, which meal do we use to supplement our energy?

The recommendation of a health expert is breakfast.

Too much conversion was absorbed in the “morning of the day”, so that the physical strength was evenly distributed throughout the day.

At the same time, lunch and dinner will not eat too much, avoiding the drowsiness in the afternoon and the accumulation of amateurs at night.

  Milk, a variety of energy to drink a cup of 240 ml of low-fat milk, there are 300 mg of calcium.

Calcium can strengthen bones and teeth. Calcium diet can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, hypertension, kidney cancer, and colon cancer. It can also relieve premenstrual syndrome.

Milk is also rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and nicotinic acid, which are very helpful for replenishing the body’s energy and maintaining a strong effect.

  2, beans legumes, balance estrogen in the body beans contain phytoestrogens, can balance the level of estrogen in the body, so that breasts, uterus reduce the risk of cancer.

Beans are also a good source of protein, iron, cellulose, folic acid, potassium, and zinc, which can ensure the healthy function of various organs in the body, and the trace content is low, which helps reduce cholesterol.

Pea, green bean paste salad, red and green beans cooked into grain rice, soy beans, black beans into soy milk, keep beans on your breakfast list.

  3. Oatmeal, oatmeal, reduce tension and stress, oatmeal cellulose can eliminate the stress caused by tension, maintain a good mood for the day, and also maintain a good figure while replenishing body parts, adding joy to the sex lifeFresh.

  4. Meat Meat-Make your body feel sharper Lunch is the best time to supplement your nutrition during the day.

Insufficient nutrients can inject “fresh blood” into a woman’s sex.

Eat meat to keep women moist. Vitamin B2 is found in meat foods.

This nutrient is involved in the growth and metabolism of cells in the body, regulates the secretion of glands, and protects the function of mucosal cells. These effects all point to a goal-to maintain women’s vaginal moisturization, and to maintain the best state during sex.

  5, seaweed food seaweed food, increase the sensitivity to sex. Perhaps you don’t know yet. The quality of sexual life has a great relationship with the iodine content in the body.

Iodine can maintain the vitality of the human thyroid gland and secrete thyroxine normally, thereby controlling the human’s ability to sense sexual stimulation.

All seaweed foods contain iodine. In order to be more sensitive to the body, do not prevent eating kelp, seaweed, wakame and other seaweed foods rich in iodine during lunch.

  6, vegetables and fruits preheating dinner-the desire of the body UPUP dinner is to supplement sexual energy, cultivate an ambiguous atmosphere, increase the interest in sex, and make the upcoming passion more abundant.

  Vegetables and fruits help the ovary to fight aging. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene. These nutrients can delay the aging of cells due to oxidation and maintain the health of human tissues and organs, especially the function of the ovary.

The ovary is an important organ that secretes estrogen in women and produces eggs. Its health can make women more women.

  7, sea fish, sea fish, the “catalyst” of sex As early as the Roman period, people have discovered that fish is an ideal food to nourish sexual desire, especially shark meat, as the “catalyst” of sex still enjoys a high reputation.

Scientific research proves that fish meat is rich in phosphorus and zinc, which is very important for the sexual health care of men and women.

Zinc deficiency in the body will reduce the number and quality of sperm in men, and reduce sexual desire in women.

  8. Eggs and eggs, accelerate the elimination of fatigue. Eggs are a high-protein food, which contains 14.

The 7% protein, including the eight amino acids necessary for the human body, has a absorption rate as high as 99.


It is the best “reducing agent” to restore vitality after sex. It can strengthen the energy and eliminate fatigue.

The Arabs have always maintained the custom of eating onion and scrambled eggs before their wedding, in order to ensure the happy sex of their wedding night.