Customized moisturizing mask based on skin quality


Customized moisturizing mask based on skin quality

If you want your skin to remain hydrated and not dry, you need to carefully moisturize it to the end.

Moisturizing different skins, of course, must have their own different maintenance methods. Only by applying the right medicine, the effect will be immediate.

Want to know how to moisturize your baby’s skin most effectively?

The following “look at your skin and dishes” may help you!

  1. Dry skin that is in urgent need of moisturizing. Skin characteristics: The skin is tight and the face feels dry after 20 minutes.

Small fine lines have begun to appear around the eyes, and the ends often feel rough.

When the weather is dry, the skin often peels off.

Only use the general gel-like essence, often feel not enough moisturizing.

  Moisturizing point: When cleaning in the morning and evening, don’t spray lotion, just apply moisturizing lotion.

Unless you need makeup when you go to work, don’t spray mineral water to moisturize, it will dry out.

  Dry skin moisturizing mask. If your skin is particularly dry, you can also make your skin supple and smooth by DIY: Material: 1 protein, 1 tsp of honey, half a lemon (you can use it for sensitive skin), malt oil  Method: Wash and peel the lemon and squeeze the juice.

Then put lemon juice, honey, egg white and malt oil in a bowl, stir and evenly spread on a wooden board, wait 10?
Wash after 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: It not only moisturizes and tightens dry skin, but also has excellent whitening effect. It is recommended to use it at night.

  2. Mixed skin with half of the iceberg and half of the flame. Skin characteristics: You often feel that the T-shaped part is oily, but the cheeks are dry.

You often find that your pores in your nose are clogged and your acne is dense.

After washing your face, you often feel tightness in your jaws.

When you feel that your skin condition is getting better, forehead, chin, and cheeks near the nose come out again!

  Moisturizing focus: For you with mixed skin, the T-shaped part is really your fatal injury. After washing your face in the morning and evening, you can rub a refreshing lotion.

Usually pay attention to the phenomenon of oily nose.

You can absorb the oil from the T-shaped area, and then apply moisturizing gel on the cheeks.

Use a lunch break to put a moisturizing or moisturizing mask on your nose, and finally remember to use jelly type emulsion to calm the skin and strengthen the moisture supply!

Blending skin moisturizing mask DIY way, make a moisturizing mask for blending skin!

  Ingredients: 1 spoon of honey, 1 spoon of fresh carrot juice, Yogurt 75CC. Practice: Mix honey, carrot sweat, and yogurt, mix thoroughly, and then apply evenly on the face.

Wash after 20 minutes.
  Efficacy: It can effectively promote the oil-water balance of the skin, while moisturizing dry skin, leaving the skin supple and white.

  3, oily skin most prone to invisible dehydration Skin characteristics: forehead, nose and chin, often shiny and shiny.

I always feel that my pores cannot be thoroughly cleaned, and acne is common.

 After washing my face for less than 30 minutes, I felt that my face started to feel oily and greasy.

Pores are larger than others.

  Moisturizing focus: You (oily) cleansing of oily skin is the first job. Use oil-absorbing tissue to absorb excess oil, and then spray mineral water or lotion.

Then in a dry place, gently moisturize with moisturizing gel.

  Moisturizing mask suitable for oily skin DIY way, recommend a moisturizing mask suitable for oily skin: Material: 1 spoon of honey, 1 spoon of whole milk powder, 1 spoon of wheat flour, 2.

5 cm long cucumbers are peeled and mashed.

  Method: Mix honey, whole milk powder, wheat flour, and cucumber puree, and apply it on the face evenly.

Wait 20 minutes and wash.

  Efficacy: It has good bactericidal effect while deep cleansing the skin. It can also condense thick hairs, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

  4. Sensitive skin most afraid of dryness. Skin characteristics: The skin has a dry feeling. After washing the face, the skin is often reddish and tingling.
It is easy to feel itchy on the cheeks or around the eyes in places with poor air.
It is easy to produce discomfort after being attacked by cold air.

  DIY recommendation: Sensitive skin moisturizing mask material: 1/4 apple, one egg yolk, 2 teaspoons flour Method: Pear the apple into a mud, or use a juicer to remove the apple residue (you can also use leftover apple puree) Add egg yolk and flour and mix well.

After cleaning the skin during use, apply the mask on the sheet for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and use it every day.

  Efficacy: With nourishing, astringent, moisturizing and other effects, it can enhance skin resistance and make skin bright and shiny.

  You need to choose the moisturizing method that suits you according to your skin type, in order to give your skin a supple, smooth environment.