Simple little toys make children happy to learn

Simple little toys make children happy to learn

In fact, education does not require complicated theories and toys, and sometimes simple elements and ideas from life make babes play for a long time.

And you just need to be a wise mummy, be good at discovering these common and simple educational elements in life, and touch the inspiration that can puzzle in the natural contact.

  Fun Simple Elements-Stones 1.

Remember the game of stone throws we played as a kid?

Draw a few circles on the ground and distribute the stones evenly into each small circle. The concept of average is thus easily grasped in casual play.


For a baby over 2 years old, it is not too early to prepare a small toy balance for him. Stone is a perfect match for the small balance. In the baby’s process of finding balance, the concepts of light and heavy, and more and less are alsoDeep baby heart.


Stone can also be used as a chess piece!

First pick up the stones that have been collected and sort them. The darker colors are a group, and the lighter colors are a group. Then draw one or find a chessboard, and then you can come to play.

You can try to play backgammon, backgammon, backgammon, or spawned games according to your baby’s acceptance ability.


On the way up the hillside, when the babies saw a pile of red bricks set aside, their eyes flashed with excitement.

What’s so ordinary in the eyes of an adult, and what’s new in the eyes of a baby?

They turned it into a creative building block. See, after a concerted effort, a garage was built.

Ordinary slabs seem to be more attractive to them than real bricks, because it has a real heavy texture, and it feels like a real work when moved.

Throughout the process, the little partners’ joint planning and self-negotiation after encountering problems are also very good interpersonal experiences.


This red slab can almost build a house, and it can also be a brush in the baby’s hands; or they simply paint nothing, just grind it and grind it out of powder, and they will also find it fun. In the process, theyThe strength of the little finger muscles has been strengthened and exercised.


If it is in the open field, but the baby encounters a rare and good place, pick up some stones, throw it all away with all his strength, and let the body stretch along with it, even in a crowded city.

Have a match between your friends to see who throws the furthest.


In his spare time, it is a good activity to pick up some strangely shaped stones while walking with the baby. This can not only improve the baby’s observation, imagination, but also create a love of nature.

Look at these are the stones found in nature. Come and see what they look like?