[How does the frozen shrimp taste fishy?

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[How does the frozen shrimp taste fishy?
]_How to deal with_How to deal with

Shrimp is a kind of meat with very high nutritional value. First of all, shrimp is rich in protein, so eating it has the effect of enhancing physical fitness. In addition, shrimp is rich in calcium, so children and the elderly eat more shrimp.It is a good way to supplement calcium. Elderly people can prevent osteoporosis by eating it. In addition, eating shrimp also has effects such as laxative and laxative. If you buy frozen shrimp, you can remove the fishy smell according to the following methods.

How does the frozen shrimp taste fishy?
1. Remove the black fishy smell and remove a black fishy smell from the shrimp tail (probably the nitrate of shrimp).

Fishy smell: There is a white line on each side of the fish’s body, called “fishy smell”. The mucus secreted by this mucus gland contains trimethylamine oxide. “Trimethylamine oxide” has a certain umami taste (the deliciousness of fish and theThis is the opposite), but after the fish dies, this umami-like “trimethylamine oxide” will be continuously “deoxygenated” and reduced to “trimethylamine” and diffused into the air. The smell is basically the smell”Trimethylamine” smell.

Some odors of the external environment, such as the smell of earth in the water, are directly attached to the fishy line through small holes.

Shrimp also have fishy glands, just like fish.

2. Soak in salt water. Soak the shrimp in salt water for two hours to remove the smell of soil.

The principle of salt removal is mainly based on the principle of salting out, plus the use of osmotic pressure in cold water.

The salting out of salts and the substitution effect of osmotic pressure of crystals are weakened under alkaline conditions and strengthened under acidic conditions.

3. Wine marinated wines such as cooking wine / white wine / fruit wine are organic solvents that can dissolve and evaporate fishy substances.

Therefore, you can marinate the shrimp with cooking wine or white wine for 20 minutes to remove the fishy smell.

Because the fishy smell of fish is mostly trimethylamine, and the wine contains alcohol, alcohol can dissolve trimethylamine well.

Moreover, the temperature is high when cooking, and alcohol and trimethylamine are all volatile, so after a while, the fishy smell is removed.

Frozen shrimps in bags are popular without the hassle of peeling.

However, the smell of frozen shrimp is heavier, so how can the shrimp smell?

4. When cinnamon sticks are boiled with boiled water, put cinnamon sticks in the water to eliminate fishy smell and not affect the scary umami taste.

Cinnamon sticks are cinnamon sticks, which are rolled into sticks when they are dried. Most grocery markets and seasoning shops have them.

5, vinegar when cooking shrimp with a little vinegar can dissolve the fishy smell.

Because the fishy shrimps and other fishy smells are amines, they are weakly alkaline, and the acetic acid and basic ammoniated compounds in vinegar can be combined into neutral salts, which reduces the fishy smell.

6, onion ginger garlic when cooking shrimp, add onion ginger garlic, because it is called onion garlic spicy (also known as garlic) and sulfurized starch, etc., can remove fishy flavor.

7. Orange peels Orange peels contain a large amount of vitamin C and essential oils. When cooking vegetables such as shrimp soup, put a little orange peel, yuzu peel (cut into small pieces) can remove the fishy smell, and also has the clear fragrance of the peel.