[Can you eat mango for measles]_ rubella block _ can you eat

[Can you eat mango for measles]_ rubella block _ can you eat

Acute measles must have been heard in the daily life. His reasons are complex, easy to repeat, and difficult to treat. The general situation is related to people’s autoimmunity, which is mostly caused by allergies.

Some people are allergic to mangoes, and the symptoms of allergies are not the same. Some people ask, can people with acute measles eat mangoes? Will the acute measles worsen or cause wheezing measles?

The following editors will take you through the details.

The nutritional value of mango is very rich. The reason why the nutritional value of mango is so high is inseparable from the nutritional content of mango.

Mango is also known as honey, sultry fruit, capsule, lemon fruit, fruit.

Mango is a collection of tropical fruits and merits, so it is also known as the king of tropical fruits.

Mango is very high in vitamin A, which is very rare in fruits.

Vitamin C content in the body is not low.

Mango fruit contains crude fiber, protein, sugar, moreover, trace amounts, protein, minerals, sugars, etc., and is also its main nutritional component.

Acute measles is not allowed to eat mango. The causes of acute measles are complex, easy to relapse, and relatively difficult to treat. A large number of factors are related to skin allergies, autoimmunity and other factors.

Acute measles cannot eat mangoes, as mangoes can easily cause skin allergies.

Some people are allergic to mango, and patients with acute measles should not eat mango.

According to the description, it is recommended to take cetirizine hydrochloride or loratadine orally, drink plenty of water, supplement vitamin C, and avoid allergen exposure.

Pay attention to rest, maintain emotional stability, avoid hot and cold stimulation, short-term exercise and excessive fatigue.

Wear loose, soft, cotton underwear, do not hold the scratch and rub the rash.

Diet should be light, digestible food, eat more vegetables and fruits.

It is forbidden to greasy, cold, spicy, seafood food, drink strong tea, alcohol.