Five ways to create a good family level

Five ways to create a good family level

The survey found that modern teenagers generally report that their lives are dull, tedious, tedious, dignified, and lack of entertainment and leisure activities with the whole family. Communicating with their parents mainly changes their academic performance, and in the future, they dare not or cannot raise objections to their parents.

How did those two generations create good home makeovers?

  Equality Atmosphere Parents and children are both long-term and equal.

Treating children as friends will make children feel that their parents are approachable, and they will naturally talk about mental illness, which can effectively avoid adolescent rebellion.

  In addition to the exclusive style of democracy, family affairs must be made public, so that children can learn more and participate in family affairs. He will feel respected.

If you have different opinions, you can make a reasonable transformation. Don’t “speak” or “parent system”.

Sometimes, parents may not be right, and knowing that mistakes can be changed will no longer affect their image, and they will also be respected by their children.

  Topics are rich. Topics need to be diversified, not just focusing on children’s studies and work.

In general, good levels require common topics: you can say others, you can say yourself; you can say domestic, you can say abroad; you can say learning, you can also say entertainment.

Unanimously understand the principle: talk more about topics that everyone is interested in, talk less about topics that are not interested, and don’t talk about disgusting ones.

  Multi-entertainment family entertainment is a great way to increase communication and strengthen emotions among family members.

Each member has their own favorite entertainment projects, and everyone can choose a common project.

I have a friend and family members like to sing.

So, they have karaoke for family members once a week.

The principle is to participate together, to be happy, to relax, and to antique.

  Creating atmosphere and maintaining a happy family atmosphere are good for the health of every family member.

If the family atmosphere improves, even if there is stress in work and study, it can be relieved and released in the family.

Creating a family atmosphere requires hardware as well as software.

The hardware including home decoration must be active and not dull; the color of the home must be warm and not cold; the home music must be relaxed and not heavy; the family work must be diligent and not lazy . the software is more important, including the family members should not hold their facesYou can make jokes appropriately; when encountering problems, comfort each other, less criticism, less blame, no scolding, no neglect.