Eating more oranges is more effective in cold weather

Eating more oranges is more effective in cold weather

Recently, a large number of oranges have been on the market, but many people are afraid to eat more and think that eating more will “get angry”.

Experts point out that the recent increase in patients with oral ulcers is not entirely the fault of oranges.

  Relevant experts said that oranges are warm and belong to hot fruit, but the reason for “getting angry” is not because of it.

People with a large internal heat will easily get angry. If they are tired and their immunity is reduced, eating oranges will often add fuel to the fire.

In particular, some people will eat some roasted meat before eating oranges. These roasted goods will steal saliva, cause dryness of the oral environment, coupled with drinking less water, talking more, staying up late, dry weather, internal fire and dryness can easily induce oral ulcers.

  Experts said that oranges have the effects of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough, resolving sputum, strengthening the spleen, smoothing the air, and quenching thirst. They are excellent fruits for men and women, especially the elderly, patients with acute and chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular disease.

  Cold stomach, fear of cold in winter, anemia, people with heavy menstrual flow can eat some oranges, especially for elderly patients who often take antihypertensive drugs.

However, patients with fever, fever, infectious diseases, and menopausal women should eat as little as possible.