How do you make the most mutton?

How do you make the most mutton?

If divided by category, there are mainly steamed, boiled, fried, fried, smoked, stewed, braised, braised, mixed, fried and so on.

Which of the many practices is better?

The reporter interviewed Mr. Yang, a chef with many years of catering experience.

Stewed lamb is the most common and best way to eat it. The biggest advantage is that it can eat both meat and soup.

The soup that has been boiled is very nutritious and is a good nourishment for the body.

Moreover, after being stewed, the mutton is more cooked, tender and easy to digest.

  If you supplement the appropriate Chinese medicine or nutritionally supplement the complementary food when you cook it, the nourishing effect will be the scale.

Such as Angelica mutton soup, mutton mutton soup, Huangqi mutton soup, mutton radish soup, mutton tofu soup, pig’s trotters and mutton soup belong to this category.

In winter, many people like to eat mutton, which is also a kind of stewed lamb.

But don’t be too anxious when eating. Be sure to simmer the meat and stew it. Otherwise, the tyrosine and Clostridium in the raw mutton are not easily digested and absorbed, and the limbs will be weak after eating.

  The kebabs were originally local flavor snacks in Xinjiang. They were cut into large pieces of thumb with fresh mutton, skewed on iron braze, seasoned and seasoned, and cooked on a stove.

Roast lamb is delicious, it is best to replace fresh lamb when roasting, don’t use frozen.

In this way, nutrient loss is low and it is easy to digest.

Similar practices include roast whole lamb, fried barbecue, char-grilled lamb leg and so on.

  Lamb mutton can also maintain the original flavor of mutton. The most common mutton mutton is the freshest mutton, and the active nutrients in the mutton can be better preserved.

However, the time of sputum should not be too short, otherwise the bacteria and parasite eggs in the meat pieces cannot be completely killed.

Fried mutton is fresh and delicious, but the nutrients in the mutton are decomposed, and it contains calcium carbonate. Fried foods are also prone to carcinogens such as phenylpropanoid. It is best to eat less.