Recipe for treating diabetes: fried lard with lard

Recipe for treating diabetes: fried lard with lard

Momordica charantia contains momordin glycosides, caroterol, anti-fertility active ingredients, and plant insulin.

Pharmacological research shows that there are many kinds of hypoglycemic ingredients in bitter gourd, mainly diols, phytosterols, steroids and peptides.

The plant insulin extracted from bitter gourd has a significant effect on reducing blood glucose in animals. The average rate of radioimmunoassay of this substance with insulin antibodies is 100 μg / mg. It is especially a substitute for animal and synthetic insulin in the treatment of diabetes (type II).Inadequate oral regulations.

Jiang Yishi extracted the effective saponin derivative Jiangtang Capsule No. Ⅱ from bitter gourd to treat 100 cases of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The clinical symptoms of many patients disappeared after taking the medicine for 2 weeks, and the blood glucose decreased significantly, with an effective rate of 82%.

  When I applied bitter gourd treatment to diabetic patients, I used lard to stir-fry bitter gourd (sliced), bitter gourd herbal tea, bitter gourd juice, bitter gourd porridge, bitter gourd lean broth, bitter gourd chicken wings, bitter gourd fried yam, bitter gourd preserves and so on.

Patients can substitute for their eating habits and hobbies.

Here is an introduction to stir-fried bitter gourd with lard: Ingredients: 250 grams of bitter gourd, lard, spring onion, ginger, and salt.

Method: Wash the bitter gourd, cut it into two pieces, remove the inner crust, and cut into shreds.

Heat the pan and add lard. When the oil is 90% hot, pour the bitter gourd, add onion, ginger, salt, and stir-fry until cooked.

It is best to eat bitter gourd in seasons.

In the bitter gourd-free season, you can eat the bitter gourd slices.

The fresh bitter gourd is cut into small pieces, dried, and stored in a container. When used, take out and add blister to fry.

  The bitter gourd must be fried quickly when it is fried, unless it is re-cooked and eaten immediately to avoid loss of vitamins.