Regrettably lost Mr. World Football, a detail pre-demonstration of Dyke approaching the Golden Globe Awards

Unfortunately for Mr. World Football, a detail preview shows Dyke approaching the Golden Globe Awards
At this year’s FIFA annual awards ceremony, Van Dyke failed to replicate the miracles at the UEFA awards ceremony, and eventually lost to Messi and missed the honor of Mr. World Football.However, in the reporter’s vote, Van Dyck is higher than Messi, which indicates that Van Dyck will have an advantage in the European Golden Globe competition.Based on the performance of the players from July 16, 2018 to July 19, 2019, the FIFA team of experts delineated the replacement of Mr. World Football. Afterwards, journalists, fans, national team coaches and captains voted, respectively25%.In the end Messi, Ronaldo and Van Dyck stood out and became the three candidates for the prototype.Van Dyck alone PK Mero, this scene appeared for the second time this year.In the UEFA annual bid evaluation on August 30, Van Dyke defeated Messi and Ronaldo and was elected the UEFA player of the 2018-2019 season, becoming the first to win after Cannavaro in 2006.A personal third prize defender.Van Dyck took second place.In the selection of UEFA’s best player, Van Dyck scored 305 points, 98 points higher than Messi, and 4 times more than Ronaldo.This time, the selection system of Mr. World Football is different. Van Dyck’s overall bloom is 8 points less than Messi, but it is still 2 points higher than Ronaldo.The final result showed that Messi scored 46 points, Van Dyck scored 38 points, and Ronaldo scored 36 points.In the four-part vote of reporters, fans, national team coaches and captains, Messi won more votes in the last three categories.In the national captain’s vote, Messi was 40 points higher than Van Dyck. In the national team coach’s vote, Messi was 90 points higher than Van Dyke. In the fan’s vote, Messi’s advantage is more obvious.However, the reporter voted more for Van Dyck. His 462 points were 98 points higher than Messi and 198 points higher than Ronaldo.Such a situation seems to indicate that Van Dyck will expand his advantage in the future European Golden Globe competition, because the overall is judged by the reporter.