Seven Misunderstandings Prone to Newborn Care

Seven Misunderstandings Prone to Newborn Care

Misunderstanding 1: Wipe the oral cavity with gauze after feeding. Newborn babies often have milk clumps in their mouth and jaw after feeding or overflowing.

Some new moms like to wipe with gauze dipped in water. This is wrong, because rough gauze may damage the baby’s immature oral mucosa and cause oral infection.

  Correct way: Give your baby some warm water after feeding, the milk will be washed away by the water.

  Misunderstanding 2: Less hair washing and less replacement Some parents are afraid of changing their baby’s hair and try to wash their baby’s hair as little as possible.

In fact, when you shampoo, all the aging hair that is in the replacement stage will be removed, and it will fall off without washing.

However, if the hair is not shampooed for a long time, the oil and sweat irritating the hair follicles of the baby’s scalp will cause secondary infection, which will affect the baby’s hair growth.

  Correct way: wash 1 every day in summer?
2 times hair, every other season 2?
Wash once every 3 days.

When shampooing, use baby shampoo on baby’s hair, and gently rub the baby’s scalp with the palm to promote blood circulation.

  Misunderstanding 3: The baby is fastened with a quilt for the winter. Parents are afraid that the newborn baby will be cold. They often like to wrap the baby with a quilt, and then use a cloth tape to tie the baby firmly.The area has a “candle bag” statement that the baby can sleep well).

  This is actually harmful to newborn babies.

This restricts the baby’s abdominal movement, affects lung function, and is prone to lung infections.

Second, it compresses the baby’s abdomen, affects gastrointestinal motility, and reduces digestive function.

Third, the baby’s limbs are restricted in movement, which is not conducive to the development of limbs and muscles, which delays the development of movements.

  The correct way: You can use a sleeping bag for your baby in the evening. It is advisable to replace the open under the sleeping bag and change the diaper.

During the day, put on your baby’s underwear, thin cotton jacket or sweater, and then put on a quilt.

  Myth 4: Shaving fetuses and eyebrows at the full moon. Young mothers obey the old man’s statement, shaving fetuses and eyebrows at the baby’s full moon, thinking that hair and eyebrows will grow thicker in the future.

However, the baby’s skin is thin and tender, and the baby will not cooperate. Scraping the skin can easily cause bacteria to invade and cause infection.

  Correct way: the baby’s eyebrows will be replaced and replaced by about 4 months without shaving.

After 6 months of age, parents can find an experienced hairdresser to shave their baby.

  Misunderstanding 5: Babies cannot hold more traditional belief that newborn babies should hold less, often holding the baby is easy to develop a bad habit that must be embraced in the future.

In fact, letting your baby lie all day is convenient for parents, but not good for your baby.

When lying down, the baby can only look at the ceiling, and lacks various beneficial stimuli for neurodevelopment, which is not conducive to intellectual development.

  The correct way: often hug the baby, talk to him at the same time, and look at the baby’s eyes more often, enhance emotional communication, and help his brain development.

  Misunderstanding 6: Wrap the navel with a diaper. The umbilical cord of a newborn baby is prone to inflammation. The mother is afraid of the baby’s umbilical infection. Wrap the belly button with a diaper. In fact, this method can easily cause bacterial growth and reproduction.

  The correct way: After bathing the baby every day or when the baby’s umbilical cord is accidentally corrected, wipe the umbilical cord with a 75% alcohol cotton ball to disinfect it. This method lasts about 10 days. If the umbilical cord is not infected, it can no longer be disinfected.
  Myth 7: Newborn babies do n’t feel. Some parents think that newborn babies are unconscious, they do n’t understand what adults say, and they do n’t understand everything they see, so they just eat and drink.

  The right way: After the baby is born, you can hear sounds, you can see colorful toys, and you have taste and touch.

Mom can make him laugh, gently touch his skin, make eye contact with him, talk, show him toys that can turn, all of which can promote the baby’s intelligent development.